Portals To Safety And Savings

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Portals To Safety And Savings

Savvy homeowners are discovering they can open their home to safety and a wealth of other benefits with the help of impact-resistant windows and doors.

The same technology that helps protect a home from a hurricane can also help prevent a burglar from breaking in, significantly reduce outdoor noise, block 99 percent of UV rays and cut energy costs.

The laminated glass in impact-resistant windows and doors is incredibly difficult to penetrate, deterring smash-and-grab break-ins. The products aren’t guaranteed to stop a burglar but they can be a key part of a multi-tiered security strategy recommended by experts.

“Customers tell us they value all of the added benefits, but the security aspect is especially important,” said Cara Klein of PGT®, manufacturer of WinGuard® Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors. “Some homeowners cite busy schedules, which leave their homes vacant for extended hours, or protection for a vacation home, and others just appreciate the extra peace of mind.”

Arguably, time and visibility are burglars’ worst enemies, so a good strategy is to slow them down and cause them to draw attention. Some tips: Install motion detectors, but make sure you can see them go off from inside your house. Plant roses or thorny shrubs beneath windows to make them less inviting and keep landscaping trimmed so there’s no place to hide.

Of course, if after beating your windows and doors with objects such as a crowbar, propane gas tank and even a concrete pillar, burglars still can’t get in, then you’ve definitely outsmarted them. That was the case for a couple in Florida with WinGuard®. They arrived home to find burglars had tried to break into nearly every window and door.

“I wish I could have seen the point where they [the burglars] threw up their hands and said, ‘The heck with this house. I’m never coming back,'” said homeowner Martha Thomas.

The company’s windows also stood up to an attempted break-in at a vacation home in North Carolina. Again, a crowbar was the weapon of choice. Now, homeowner Robert Frank jokes that he plans to install an alarm not to keep burglars out, but just to help him make sure all of the windows are shut. “As long as our windows are closed and locked, no one should be able to get in,” said Frank.

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