Quick Tips to Choosing French Patio Doors

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Quick Tips to Choosing French Patio Doors

In general, French patio doors are doors with two panels of transparent material, usually glass panes, that runs throughout the entire length of the door. One panel may be locked or both panels may be opened to create a wide passage. French patio doors can open outward or inward.

French patio doors serve a passageway and as a window. With their characteristic wide glass panels, they allow a good view of the outdoors and make a patio room warmer and brighter.

Aluminum, fiberglass, steel and wood are common materials used for making French patio doors. Aluminum doors require less maintenance. Wood is a popular choice because of their durability and classic look.

There are two basic types of French patio doors – hinged doors and gliding doors. The hinged type may have one or several glass panels that can swing in or out. Gliding French patio doors feature two or more glass panels that open by gliding or moving one of the panels past the other. Whether you opt for a hinged door or sliding door, it is important to place doors in a convenient location based in the traffic and layout of your home.

To decide on the French patio door to buy, look at all the features of different types. For instance, you can choose whether you want French patio doors with an inward swing, outward swing, a gliding opening style. Decide on the shape of your French patio doors. Typically, they can be rectangular or arching on the top. How many panels do you want? Most French patio doors feature one up to four panels. Think about other details such as the paint color or finishing. You also have an option to choose a design for the glass panes including patterned or stained glass.

When choosing patio doors, think about what is important to you. Is it your personal style? Is it the door’s features? Is it your budget? You should also consider the space you have available for the door. Certainly, you would want to meet all your design, function and budget requirements. It is a good idea to consult a professional designer or an architect if you need help deciding what particular door will best suit your patio and your other concerns. Lastly, after you have decided on the type of patio door to purchase, whether it is French patio doors or other styles, always compare brands before you make a purchase.

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